Sales and Management

With an experienced Sales Team on hand and an extensive pool of Wheel and Brake inventory Rotable Repairs are proud to provide swift support on all Sales, Loans and Exchanges.

Exchange and Loans
With 24/7, 365 Days support Rotable Repairs can be on hand to supply all urgent exchange and loan requests.

Being a workshop, it gives Rotable Repairs complete flexibility to work with customers to minimalize costs and speed up and lead time. If you have a unit on Repair or Overhaul at Rotable Repairs you don’t need to worry because our experienced team will look after this and make sure its back on the shelf for your next request.

On top of this Rotable Repairs can also offer several other services that may be of interest to customers.

Rotable Repairs can offer an extensive stock holding for sale of the following Aircraft Types; Boeing, Airbus, ATR and Embraer platforms plus many more different types.

Component Management Solutions
Due to Rotable Repairs extensive market knowledge customers can feel comfortable storing surplus material with us with at no additional costs and know the Rotable Repairs Sales Team can offer this material and market this to customers whilst still obtaining maximum profit.

Inventory & Capabilities
All Rotable Repairs stock is actively managed and listed on the following inventory platforms;

  • ILS
  • For more information on our current inventory, sales or exchanges please contact or contact +44 (0) 1602 529888

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